PAM - Multilingual experienced team

About us 

Enid Hut & Caroline Noterman

Enid Hut, Dutch nationality, moved to Lagos when she was 4. After her studies she started working in property management and assisted many clients with legislative matters as she has a very good knowledge of the Portuguese Law .

Caroline Noterman, Belgian and has worked a long time as a representative for a international tour operators before settling down with her family in Lagos. Very experienced in hosting and the international rental market.

The Portugal Algarve Management team has over 25 years experience of the Portuguese property and rental market .

Both are multilingual and have long-standing relationships with many of their clients. You can communicate with them in English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, German and Spanish. 

Our priorities can be summarized as followed:

* To maintain your property in perfect condition and regularly update towards the owners.

* To maximize the use of your investment.

* To keep costs as low as possible

* To have a high occupation rate when you decide to rent out your property

Condominio Iberlagos, Bloco J, Loja 10, 8600-540 Lagos, Algarve, Portugal